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Заказали ванну «Гармония», максимально четко вписалась в новострой, вплоть до нескольких миллиметров, с чем были опасения.
Отдельное спасибо менеджеру с Княжего Затона за максимальный сервис в работе с клиентами и решению всех вопросов.
Все было организовано быстро и четко.
Директору Гандзюк Марьяну успехов в бизнесе и побольше хороших клиентов.
Рекомендуем Рок Дизайн!)

January 20, 2020


Приобрели ванну «Классика». Она просто изумительная. Это настоящее украшение ванной комнаты. Смотрится дорого и изысканно. Спасибо большое.




Можно сказать, что цена, но, нет. Она стоит своих денег.

January 20, 2020


We have been using the bathroom for 3 years. Everything is fine, it does not peel off, there are no dark spots, it is easy to clean and does not let cracks. It still looks like new. Although we use it often. Ideal for families with children. It occupies a little space, and for children – almost as a pool.


Easy to clean, looks like new in 3 years

December 17, 2019


Stylish design, easy to install.There were no problems in using it yet. Nice bathtub. I like, it’s not cold to touch the surface. I have a large bathroom, so it’s a great advantages that the water keeps warm for a long time.You can relax longer.


Stylish, very comfortable to take a bath

December 17, 2019


100% satisfied with the bathroom! Before that, there was always acrylic.We decided to change, because it changed the color and near the other equipment it looked dirty and old. 

With marble bathtub we did not fail! It keeps the water temperature for a long time and the surface itself is pleasant to the touch, not cold.

+ I advise such a design if you have a small bathroom.


Heat resistance, looks expensive

December 17, 2019


Just purchased, we will test it. Quality packaging, everything you need is included. There were no problems during the order and delivery. Brought directly to our house.

December 17, 2019


I really wanted to create a stylish bathroom.I saw RockDesign ads on Instagram and fell in love with your bathtubs. Now I have my own relax zone at home!)) They brought me a bath and installed it.I am satisfied with the work.I haven’t noticed any flaws yet.


Stylish, comfortable, holds water temperature for a long time

December 17, 2019


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