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Нарощення борта

Нарощення короткого

до 5 см
до 10 см

Нарощення довгого

до 5 см
до 10 см
Зміна висоти ванни
Обрізка бортів

Trim symmetrically

Painting boards

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Painting boards

Round off symmetrically

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Rounding angle:

Отвір під ревізію та змішувач
Додаткове заглиблення для отворів
Overflow Offset

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The overflow side:

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Prima – angular asymmetrical bathtub was created for small bathrooms.


Cast marble is a mixture of marble crumbs (85%), polyester resins (15%) and dye. Its advantages:

Hygiene.During the entire life the cast marble does not allow micro cracks and pores. Such a bath does not get dirty, so the product retains its aesthetic appearance.
Heat resistance.The thickness of the marble bath is 12-14 mm. Due to the wide walls and natural properties of the stone, Rockdesign baths retain heat three times longer than normal. And touching its surface does not cause discomfort.
Stability.  Marble baths are resistant to deformation and can withstand heavy weight. In addition, Rockdesign baths don`t require additional panels and mountings. Products are resistant and stable without additional tools.


Rock Design bath`s lifetime is almost unlimited, you can use them for over 60 years!

Our products are resistant to chemical and UV rays, do not change the primary color and for a long time retain the natural luster of the surface.

During manufacture, we cover the bath with high quality enamel, so we guarantee the absence of micro cracks, even with heavy use.


Thanks to our accumulated manufacturing technology, we can provide more than 2000 bath`s shades! Everything to make the product a perfect fit for your home.

To keep the color we cover the bath with organic gel, which protects the surface from chemicals and cosmetics.